Film and Television.   

SootSoot Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles 2018A feature length film or 3-part serial for TV based on the life of a sweeper boy in Victorian Britain. This screen adaptation of a short story I wrote in June 2017.

Black Jack

Black Jack Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA coming of age adventure story set in the 18th Century about a young aristocratic English boy who is rescued from the sea. He is befriended by a black pirate and joins forces with him in a bid to steal Spanish gold.Black Jack – Adventure –  Historical – 1709.

A highly developed script that has been pitched to directors, producers and studios in Hollywood and has done well in international competitions.

Circus Boy – Animation

Circus Boy Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA feature length animation based on a published short story for children. The script began in the USA through workshops with Lew Hunter (Hollywood Screenwriter, producer and lecturer for UCLA).

It tells the story of Billy, a boy who lives in an orphanage who runs away with the circus to become a clown and is pursued by a cruel housemistress who wants to return him to the orphanage.

Leaving Town – Adventure – WW2

Leaving Town Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA wartime drama currently on second draft. I have been in discussion with a well-known agent about this script.

The story is of a poor East End boy who is evacuated to the countryside during the blitz and realises his foster parents are Nazi sympathisers. Their involvement in a German invasion plan must be foiled.

The Music Box – Drama – 1827

Music Box Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA full-length feature written with editorial input from the late Irv Bauer (Hollywood actor and screenwriter).

The story is set in 1826 and is about a talented young female pianist who aims to study at the Salzburg Academy. She is opposed by her aunt who wants to marry her off to solve her financial difficulties. She eventually discovers she is related to Mozart.

Ark 2040 – Science Fiction

Ark 2040 poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA science fiction script being developed through Euroscript, currently in its final draft before being sent out to industry professionals.

It is about a community that is stranded on the moon after a nuclear holocaust on earth.

A doctor astronaut leads the last surviving humans on the moon following a nuclear catastrophe on earth but is opposed by a scientist who believes people can survive without biospheres.

Flower of Youth

Flower of Youth Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesA feature film or 4-part serial for TV based on the story of an underage soldier during the First World War. This script is currently at the draft stage. Visits to Passchendaele, Ypres and the Somme and extensive historical research are currently being undertaken.

The Innocent
The Innocent Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles
A script editor was attached to this script for 18 months and it was given agency representation for one year but no option is secured at that point. It is currently undergoing another draft as this was my first script. It will be sent out again in 2018 after the revisions. It tells the story of a boy who has a vision of Christ and attempts to lead a peaceful crusade of children to the Holy Land in 1212.

  • Euroscript Screenwriting Competition (1999Winner at screenplay stage Winner at treatment stage (1998)

Fred’s Fortune

Fred's Fortune Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles

The Blitz Killer

Illustrations by Natalie Knowles.