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Early Screenwriting Teachers 1910 – 1922 : Origins, Contribution and Legacy.

Early Screenwriting Teachers 1910–1922: Origins, Contribution and Legacy, is an historical study that reveals the previously unacknowledged contribution that early screenwriting teachers have made to the development of the Hollywood film industry.
Drawing on an extensive range of primary materials, including manuals and columns written for the fan and trade press, this book shows the significant role five key screenwriting teachers played in translating playwriting theory and theatrical tradition into writing for film.
It demonstrates how these early teachers contributed to forming and codifying a set of
foundational writing techniques specific to the film medium, as well as examining the legacy
they have left in the context of the role and function of contemporary screenwriting gurus.

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I have been interviewed by Euroscript on a Script Development workshop I attended to develop my Black Jack script. Read the original interview here, or you can read a PDF of the interview here.

Soot is a Finalist and Quarter Finalist in a Number of Script Competition

Soot Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles 2018

‘Soot‘ has been nominated as a Finalist (the Top 10 of 2,000 entries) in the American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition and a Finalist in the Fresh Voices Competition in the Drama/Biopic/Historical category. It has also been nominated as a Quarter Finalist in the Drama category in the 2021 Scriptation Script competition, Quarter Finalist in the 2021 Circa Historical Screenplay competition and Quarter Finalist in the Screencraft Screenplay competition.

Fresh Voices Finalist image001 Zoetrope Logo Scriptation-Showcase-Quarter Finalist-2021 Social-1200-x-675-quarterfinalists-8 Circa Historical Screenplay Competition

The Music Box is awarded First Runner Up in the Creative World Awards!


Music Box Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles

‘The Music Box‘ was awarded the First Runner Up in the Drama category in the Creative World Awards.

Black Jack‘ (Action/Adventure category) made the finals, while ‘Leaving Town‘ made it to the semi-finals (in the Action/Adventure category) and ‘Circus Boy‘ the preliminary finals (in the Comedy category).

The organisers have stated that they ‘saw more talent come through this season than ever before’, making the achievement all the greater.

‘Circus Boy’ comes within the top 10%

Circus Boy Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesCircus Boy has made the Top 10% of nearly 7,000 scrips in the 2018 Academy Nicoll Fellowships Competition. This is a really important competition as the Academy is directly linked to the Oscars that take place in January each year.

‘The Music Box’ makes the Hot 100 List

Music Box Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles

The Music Box has made the ‘Hot 100 List’ in the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition for 2018.

CFSCCongratsHot100 2018

Set in 1826, The Music Box is a full-length feature about a talented young female pianist who aims to study at the Salzburg Academy, is opposed by her aunt who wants to marry her off to solve her financial difficulties and she eventually discovers she is related to Mozart.

‘Circus Boy’ becomes Honouree Winner


Circus Boy Poster | Illustration by Natalie KnowlesCircus Boy has been judged as an Honouree Winner (top 10 scripts) in the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship competition. A feature length animation based on a published short story for children. It tells the story of Billy, a boy who lives in an orphanage who runs away with the circus to become a clown and is pursued by a cruel housemistress who wants to return him to the orphanage.

‘Black Jack’ receives an Officially Selected Nominee award

Black Jack Poster | Illustration by Natalie Knowles‘Black Jack’ has received the award of Officially Selected Nominee in the Movie Script – Action Adventure category at Screenplay Festival. The festival takes place in June 2018 in Sherman Oaks, California, USA.

The script has also been selected as a nominee in the Richmond International Film Festival Awards. The awards are taking place in April 2018 in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

It has also won a place amongst the finalists for the Inroads Screenwriting fellowship competition.

‘Black Jack’ is a coming of age adventure story set in the 18th Century about a young aristocratic English boy who is rescued from the sea. He is befriended by a black pirate and joins forces with him in a bid to steal Spanish gold.screenwriting awards 2018

Other stories and screenplays are available.

Illustrations by Natalie Knowles.