Screencraft Screenplay Competition (2021)


Quarter Finalist (Feature Category): Soot

Circa Historical Screenplay Competition (2021)

Circa Historical Screenplay Competition

Quarter Finalist (Drama Category): Soot

Scriptation Showcase Script Competition (2021)

Scriptation-Showcase-Quarter Finalist-2021

Quarter Finalist (Drama Category): Soot

Academy Nicholl Fellowships Competition (2018)

Creative World Awards (2018)


First Runner Up (All Drama & Family): The Music Box

Finalist (Action Adventure: Black Jack
Semi Finalist (Action Adventure): Leaving Town
Preliminary Finalist (Comedy): Circus Boy

Academy Nicholl Fellowships Competition (2018)

Top 10%: Circus Boy

Capital Fund Screenplay Competition (2018)

CFSCCongratsHot100 2018

Top 100: The Music Box

Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship (2018)
Honouree Winner: Circus Boy
Finalist: Black Jack

Cannes Screenplay Contest (2018)
Cannes Screenplay Logo
Finalist: Circus Boy

Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition (2018)
Screenwriting Semi Finalist NaFF Laurels white
Semi-finalist: Black Jack

Orb Media Group China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship (2018)
Semi-finalist: Circus Boy
Semi-finalist: Leaving Town

Richmond International Film Festival  (2018)
Finalist and Officially Selected Nominee: Black Jack in the Festival Screenplay Category

ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest (2017-18)
Semi-finalist: Black Jack

West Field Screenwriting Awards (2017-18)
Westfield Screenwriting.jpg
Semi-finalist: Leaving Town

Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriting Awards (2017-18)
Altanta Film Festival 2018.JPG
Semi-finalist: Black Jack

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition (2017-18)
Fresh Voices
Quarter-finalist: The Music Box (Drama Category)
Quarter-finalist: Circus Boy (Family Category)

Screenplay Festival  Contest (2017 Winner)
Screenplay Festival
Honourable Mention WinnerBlack Jack in the Movie Script Action / Adventure category
FinalistLeaving Town in the Action/Adventure Category
Semi-finalistThe Music Box in the Drama Category

Cinequest Screenwriting Competition (2017)
Cinequest Screenwriting Competition
Semi-finalistBlack Jack and The Music Box

StoryPros 11th International Screenplay Contest (2017)
Semi-finalist: Black Jack, Leaving Town and The Music Box
Quarter-finalistCircus Boy

WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Screenwriting Contest (Fall 2017)
Semi-finalistThe Music Box
Quarter-finalist: Circus Boy

ScreenCraft Drama Feature Contest (2017-18)
Semi-finalistBlack Jack
Quarter-finalistLeaving Town, The Music Box and Circus Boy

Write Movies Summer International Screenwriting Contest (2017)
Write Movies
Honourable Mention WinnerBlack Jack (in top 10 scripts)
Semi-finalist: The Music Box and Circus Boy (in top 25 scripts)

The Cannes Golden Plume International Screenwriting Competition (Fall 2017)
Cannes Golden Plume
Semi-finalist: Circus Boy and Leaving Town

Hollywood International Screenwriting Contest (2017)
Hollywood International
Quarter-finalist: Black Jack, Leaving Town, The Music Box and Circus Boy

Script Vamp International Screenwriting Contest (2011)
Grand Prize Winner: Black Jack in the Epic Historical Category
Honourable Mention Winner (runner-up): Black Jack in the Action/Adventure Category

StoryPros 4th International Screenplay Contest (2011)
Quarter-finalistBlack Jack and Leaving Town

Euroscript Screenwriting Competition (1999)
Winner at screenplay stage: The Innocent
Winner at treatment stage: The Innocent (1998)
The screenplay was marketed with agents across Europe.

The United Distillers Community Theatre Award (1993)
United Distillers cleaned
Winner (Student Category): The Sword of Romulus and Remus
The play was performed at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.